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The video games industry is $20 billion a year industry. That means that it brings in at least double what the film industry brings in.  Now, while a movie ticket is around $10 on average and a newly released game costs about $60, it is not really fair to compare the two.  Starting as far back as the 1970’s, when games like Pong first came out, the industry continues to grow and reach out to new markets.  One of these new markets is the casual game market, which was recently tapped into by Nintendo, with the release of their Nintendo Wii console.

The concept of a casual gamer has been around for awhile now, with simple games being released for many, many years now on the PC, but Nintendo took it to a whole new level.  For years, video games have been looked at something that only nerds and geeks play . For intresting information you can call of duty black ops 2 cheats.

The typical image of a gamer has always been someone who is overweight, older and still lives in his mom’s basement, playing games non-stop.  While those types of gamers certainly exist, the idea that games are only created to appeal to that type of gamer has disappeared in recent years.

As the generations of home video game consoles advanced over the years, the controllers went from the simple 2 button configuration of the original Nintendo Entertainment System to the multiple buttons and dual joysticks of the Xbox 360 and PS3.  For this reason, people that don’t normally play video games have been kept away, as many games released these days have difficult learning curves just to start playing the game.  The casual game market grew out of the idea that games did not need to be so complex.  Games could be made simple so that everybody, from moms, dads, grandparents, kids and even the hardcore gamers, could just pick them and start playing.


Although Nintendo certainly wasn’t the first company to realize this, they were the first to make billions of dollars from the idea of appealing to everyone and not just a small audience of hardcore gamers.  Some of the video games that fall into the casual genre include simple and easy to learn games.  Games like Bejeweled, Peggle, Diner Dash, Jewel Quest, and the Mystery Case Files series all fall into this category.  The popular game on Facebook, Farmville, has also found much success in reaching out to a broad audience and being accessible to everyone.

First person shooters have ruled PC gaming for years and each year a new crop of games blows us away so if you’re looking for a shooter that can’t miss this is where you’ll want to start. Games based on movies have greatly increased in quality over the last few years and now they are something gamers can actually get excited about instead of cringing when they are announced. We take a look at the best movie games available for the Xbox. Call of Juarez Bound in Blood is set during the civil war and follows the story and adventures of two brothers in different parts of 1860s United States. The Call of Juarez Bound in Blood demo gives players the opportunity to try out a portion of one map.

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